Barry Porter As Elvis
Barry Porter As Elvis
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    His long black hair, and his patented sideburns, formed him as the most recognizable, celebrated star of modern civilization. Yes, there was only one Elvis Presley, but no one mirrors him better than Barry Porter.

    Barry Porter is a 'Global Hall of Fame' Elvis Tribute Artist. World-Wide, he is recognized as America's Most Authentic Elvis Tribute Artist... While sailing on the Sea's, he performed to hundreds of people.. He has performed at the International Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, the very same stage where Elvis performed. He is the only Elvis Tribute Artist that has ever performed at the Crystal River Port Hotel, that was personally selected by Elvis and his entourage for his movie "Follow that Dream." 

    Elvis' close and long time personal friend, Jimmy Velvet said, "Very few men in this world have the voice of Elvis, and even fewer have his likeness and spirit, but Barry Porter is one of them." Elvis' personal pilot for the 'Lisa Marie', Ron Strauss said," Barry has the heart and passion of Elvis!"

    From Las Vegas to Miami, From coast to coast, Barry is a full-time Elvis Tribute Artist, performing hundreds of shows..

    He has been stopped and followed by innumerable amounts of people saying, "It's Elvis, you won't believe your eyes." ... "He sounds like Elvis, the best I've ever seen," ... "It's like watching and listening to Elvis."

    Barry spends countless hours in his studio watching Elvis footage, practicing his choreography, with the same moves and persona as Elvis. Finely tuning his voice to that colorful, rich sound.. He sings the songs in the same key and style. He has the smoothest vibrato unlike anyone else.

    When Barry walks out on the stage, He embodies the passion, presence, spirit and heart of Elvis. The audience can feel that same heart pounding, electrifying, rolllll all over you moves.. and when he sings his sweet, serenade of love me tender ballads... they are swept up in his embrace and caress of Elvis.

    A Proven Track Record

    Maybe you are looking for an entertainer for a birthday party, Or maybe you are looking for an ELVIS singer / performer for your next event. With clients including corporate holiday parties, and local private parties, Barry Porter As Elvis's high-energy interactive entertainment is sure to bring — not just fun — but professionalism and excitement to your event.

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